The Tools of our Trade

Verve's homes are designed with complex considerations in mind. From the building's thermal envelope to the water systems, air quality and energy efficiency, our aim is to design and build the safest, healthiest, most energy efficient homes that have the capacity to run themselves through our technology. Our homes can achieve the Passive House standard or be Net Zero Ready depending on our clients' wishes. While it may seem complicated to orchestrate all the components of a truly healthy, energy efficient home, we have the training and resources to perform that job seamlessly so that your family or workers enjoy the most comfortable, healthy, environmentally responsible spaces.

Source: Passive House Institute United States

The cumulative energy used by highly energy efficient homes is substantialy lower than that used by low and normal efficiency homes. The embodied energy stays constant over time as this is the energy that it takes to build all the components of a home.

Source: PHIUS

Verve's homes are most healthy environments, with very low or no VOCs, which are constantly monitored by our technology. The materials we use are from natural sources, and the construction process avoids foams, components including formaldehyde and other toxic materials. Forty million Americans suffer from respiratory disease, asthma is rampant in children and the elderly. Amongst other systems, we use ventilation with heat recovery features that include solid air filters, to make sure that the air that comes into your house is as clean as possible. Living in a healthy home, where the air is monitored for VOCs, CO2, pollen, smoke, and temperature and humidity levels, greatly increases your health and well-being. At the heart of our technology is our commitment to create homes and work spaces that are kind to human beings and to the environment.

As you can see in the graphs below, the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of XPS, EPS and other foam-based insulation products is substantially higher than that of the natural products Verve uses (cellulose, cork, or wood fiber in structurally insulated panels). Our insulation products do not leak out any off gases from formaldehyde or other chemicals that contaminate the environment and are potentially toxic for those installing them as well as for the building's dwellers. Just as we like to eat real food that will not contaminate our bodies, we like to design and build homes that are healthy for our clients.

The US Department of Energy is encouraging home builders and home owners to take full advantage of solar energy. If you are building a home or a work space, today's recommendations will be requirements tomorrow, and it behooves you to build or remodel to the highest standard of energy efficiency. Verve's homes are so energy efficient that it takes a very small amount of renewables added to your home/office space to render them net zero, a building that produces as much energy as it consumes, or even net positive.

Water is an increasingly scarce resource. As supply dwindles, the quality of the water left for human consumption also decreases. At Verve, we can help you recycle and re-use grey water, take advantage of rain water, install hot water re-circulation systems that allow you to save water and energy and install efficient water irrigation systems in your garden. In addition, we use the power of Ozone to disinfect the supply of water in your home so that your family can avoid chlorine and water born germs. We are also big proponents of Ozone-disinfected swimming pools.