A Word about Architecture

Verve Architecture follows the highest standards of sustainable architecture within the framework of beautiful, high quality design. Our understanding of design is one that combines structural knowledge, energy efficiency and aesthetics, adapted to the cultural, sociological, and natural parameters of each project. We utilize non-toxic natural, organic materials that result from the latest research around the world. We ensure that these materials add both aesthetic and practical value to our projects. Finally, we work intimately with the manufacturers of our wooden components allowing us to provide the highest level of customization, quality construction, and design.

Custom Residential Homes

Verve Architecture undertakes projects for families who wish to enjoy the benefits of a passive or highly energy efficient home combined with the environmental and health-related advantages of utilizing organic materials. In our experience, clients who desire a passive home also opt to have it built with natural, non-toxic materials. Hence, we do not utilize materials such as extruded polystyrene or expanded polystyrene. Instead, we work with wood, cellulose, stone, adobe, ceramics and cork to build our homes. These are all non-toxic, long lasting and structurally sound materials, used extensively in European dwellings for many years.


We remodel already existing homes and offices conventionally built in order to achieve energy savings of up to 40-50% utilizing the same non-toxic materials and sustainable methodologies that we employ in our own designs. Verve Architecture initiates any remodeling assignment with a detailed study of the existing building, focusing on its structure, energy requirements, and the details of its construction. Our design strategy is oriented towards achieving efficient insulation, natural ventilation, and maximizing the use of solar energy. We also use natural cooling alternatives based on decreasing temperatures through increasing the humidity in the air. The precise choice of materials is key to achieving energy efficiency. We analyze the sustainability of the materials' production, assembly, and recycling in every project undertaken to guarantee the highest level of respect for the environment. Verve Architecture believes that improving the sustainability and energy efficiency of the buildings we remodel is not an option, but a necessity.