Who we are

Verve addresses society's rising demand for healthy, energy efficient  residential and commercial buildings. We design and build spaces with natural materials that  protect your health and provide de highest level of indoor comfort. We cap that work with proprietary, machine learning-based technology that allows buildings to intelligently monitor and adapt to their user's habits and needs. 

Our  buildings are 80-90% more energy efficient than traditional homes and create the living space our clients extol. 

Our team includes highly experienced and trained architects who design and build in Europe and the US, Passive House certified consultants and builders, engineers and business professionals.  Our material manufacturers, builders and project managers share our philosophy and are in every way partners in translating our designs into finished homes. 

At Verve, we are inspired to make positive changes to how families live and businesses carry out their work. We work relentlessly to create innovative solutions for our clients and deliver the highest levels of service and a final product that is healthy, comfortable and of the highest quality. We layer our work with a myriad constructive and aesthetic details that we source internationally to create unique spaces that are beautiful, healthy and at peace with nature.

The Team


Rita Gasalla

Rita is Verve's Chief Architect and Managing Partner. Rita has twenty years of experience in architecture, interior decoration, project management and consulting. Rita's vision for Verve A&D is to lead the design of highly energy efficient residential and work spaces, as well as the incorporation of natural materials in her work. Rita founded Galöw in 2001, an architectural and building company that has designed and built professional and residential spaces throughout Europe to the highest standards. In her work for Fortune 500 corporations, Rita has been responsible for both the architectural and interior designs, earning high praise for the quality of her work as well as for consistently delivering above clients' expectations. In addition, she has successfully participated in a number of architecture and decoration national and international contests. Prior to founding Galöw, Rita acted as Deputy General Manager for Elyo Facilities Management, managing the Project, Construction and Security Division of the company, a position from which she undertook the reorganization of IBM’s corporate spaces network.

Rita holds an MA in architecture, with a focus on structural engineering from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. She speaks Spanish, German and English and lives in Madrid with her husband and their two children.


Mary-Lis UrueÑa

Mary-Lis Urueña is Verve's Founder and Managing Partner. Mary-Lis' passion is to create and nurture new ventures, and her motivation behind Verve is to make a positive change in the way people live and work. She often wonders why our cars and phones have changed so much, while our homes have experienced no substantial change in the last century. Mary-Lis is responsible for designing and implementing Verve's energy efficiency standards, and she is also the co-founder of the technology company that powers Verve's homes, Xmakina. Prior to founding Verve, she worked at the United Nations, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs. At Goldman Sachs, she built a business in the Private Client Services department.

Mary-Lis holds a BA in Spanish Literature and Generative Linguistics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, an MA in International Relations from the Fletcher School in Boston and an MBA in finance with honors from Columbia Business School. She is certified as a Passive House Consultant. Mary-Lis was the Founder and President of 85 Broads Spain (now "Ellevate"), where she is currently a Board Advisor. Mary-Lis lives with her son in Palo Alto, CA.