Home Automation

A home is a long-term investment that needs to be designed and built to the highest standards to successfully withstand the passage of time. As home technology evolves, the owner may wish to continuously incorporate innovations in energy efficiency, comfort and the safeguarding of family health and security. Just as a passive home makes the best basic shelter from sun, rain, wind and flora and fauna, a smart home can actively modulate this shelter based on family needs. It is to provide this intelligent capabilities that we have developed our home automation control center.

In a holistic approach the control center monitors your home's vital signs from sensors deep in all home systems and all external factors (weather, outside lighting, presence detectors...). Upon gathering all the data the control center makes decisions to act based on rules and external patterns it has learned from observing the interactions of systems and family activities. This machine learning is what gives the technology it long-term outlook- as human activities change or new technologies are introduced, it will learn these new patterns and provide best responses.