"I am one of those who think, and for me this is very important, that people belong somewhere. The ideal is that we are from a place, that we have roots somewhere, but that our arms reach the whole world, that the ideas of any culture are worthwhile to us. All places are perfect for a person who has acclimated to them and I, in the Basque Country, feel in my place, like a tree that is used to its territory, in its soil with its arms open to the whole world. I try to build the work of a man, my work, because it is I who does it, and because I am from here, this work will have particularities, a black light, our light."
Eduardo Chillida

LEKU ~ The Pilot House

Leku ,"the place" in the basque language, is a Pilot Home designed and built to attain the highest levels of energy efficiency (Net Zero). This goal is achieved not through the use of active means but primarily through the design of a passive building envelope that relies on orientation, high levels of insulation, air tightness and high quality windows and appliances. The small additional amount of energy that this envelope necessitates to provide a comfortable living space is procured through photovoltaic and thermal sun panels.

While surpassing the energy savings of a Passive House is our objective when designing the envelope, how we get there is as important to us as this ultimate goal. Hence, the materials we use are of the highest quality and completely natural.

Building materials innovation is at the core of what we do: in LEKU, we use certain materials, such as organic SIPS panels and projected cork as exterior insulation that are at the forefront of sustainability and energy performance. We have partnered with the companies that manufacture these materials to maximize energy efficiency while being as respectful to nature as possible. Waste is minimal in our home projects, and the entire life of our buildings, from material production to recycling, is based on utilizing materials that are natural and from sustainable sources.

Technology is an integral part of our work, our buildings' energy efficiency and comfort are maximized by the use of proprietary technology. We utilize open ZigBee & WiFi standards to monitor and control different systems, as well as to create a home that adapts to its dwellers by learning from their behavioral patterns.

LEKU is an example of what a building can be: a comfortable abode that attains a perfect balance between the energy it uses and the energy it produces, a healthy space built using non-toxic materials, that come from nature and that will end up in nature. A place to live.

LEKU could not have been made possible without the enthusiastic collaboration of John Suppes, Founder and President of Clarum. John's integrity and passion for transforming the way people live through Clarum's work has been a constant source of inspiration to us. John's work over the last 20 years has been that of a trailblazer, building communities and custom homes that have incorporated the latest innovations in the realm of building design, construction and energy efficiency.